9450 is a basketball blog that accepts its place in the darkened corners of the NBA-blogging world. While the rest of the country watches Blake and CP3 do their Lob City thing on SportsCenter, 9450 will analyze the number of isolation plays that lead to points for LaMarcus Aldridge in Rip City. While NBA.com drools over Derrick Rose’s 42-point performance, I’ll talk about how Luol Deng improved his field goal percentage by attempting seven shots from inside 12 feet in the second half.

9450 is a blog that features long-form writing, highlighting stories that other blogs ignore from Mayor Kevin Johnson fighting to keep his team in Sacramento to laying out the argument for moving Russell Westbrook to the two-guard spot in Oklahoma City.

I am also a weekly guest on the Six Overtimes Podcast with Chas Wagner and Scott Wildermuth. Each week I profile a Big East player and we debate whether he has the tools and mental makeup to make it in the pros.

If you love the game of basketball, you will enjoy this blog. Take a minute to read the posts or listen to the podcast. Stay informed.

I’ll cover all 94X50 for you.

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