9450 at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

I can’t afford this ticket. I can’t afford the hotel room and I certainly couldn’t afford the tank of gas to get here. Yet, here I sit. I’m at a table for two at the hotel lobby Starbucks inside the Sheraton Hotel in Boston because the wi-fi is free. If I venture up 15 floors to my room for the same wi-fi service, $12.95 is charged to my bill. Sons of bitches.

I have a weird habit of rating how important certain events are in my life by how early I am to said events. I am always early, to the point that it’s just as frustrating for those involved as it would be if I were hours late. My early arrivals are a product of having no sense of direction and simply assuming I will end up in the wrong state for long periods of time, my friends laughing in my ear as I call them pleading for assistance. The only remedy, aside from actually knowing where I am, is providing a huge ass cushion for myself. Usually the range is 45 minutes to an hour. For the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, I am a full day early.

So as I sit in the Starbucks, unable to afford the iced chai latte I so crave, unwilling to take a leisurely walk around Boston thanks to the sub-freezing temps, harsh winds and freezing rain/snow pouring down, I figure I might as well blog about the speakers I am eager to see tomorrow. Click on the links below to read the research papers. Incredible stuff.

In the Best Interest of the Game: the Evolution of Sports Leagues with Gary Bettman, Scott Boras, Rob Manfred, Adam Silver, Rob Tisch and Michael Wilbon

Experience and Winning in the NBA
Research Paper: James Tarlow

NBA Chemistry: Positive and Negative Synergies in Basketball
Research Paper: Allan Maymin, Phillip Maymin, Eugene Shen

Basketball Analytics 
Panel: Jeff Van Gundy, John Hollinger, Mike Zarren, Mark Cuban, Jackie MacMullen

Coaching Analytics
Panel: Jeff Van Gundy, Eric Mangini, Bill Simmons, Lawrence Jackson, Donny Marshall and Daryl Morey

Cannot wait!

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