Let It Go: Five NBA Storylines to Avoid

The national sports columnists, ESPN talking heads and NBA bloggers are big on lists. Right now all the scribes and TV douches (look up) are listing the five or 10 storylines to watch in the second half of the season.

Here are five to avoid.

5.) Poor shooting percentages due to the lockout
Yes, teams are shooting worse this season due to the lockout. I could go through the field goal and three point percentages to prove it. But just watch a few games. We know its worse and we know why.

4.) Dwight Howard trade proposals
Looks more and more like Magic ownership is going to try to keep him for the season. Maybe they will hold on to him, maybe they won’t. I’m going Kobe on ’em. Either do it or don’t, but just make a damn decision.

3.) Any trade offered up by Bill Simmons/Anything written by Jason Whitlock
He’s the man. All hail B.S. But his trade proposals are so weak.

Fake trade: Lakers get Rondo + Elton Brand, Celtics get Evan Turner, Nikola Vukevic and Nocioni’s expiring, Sixers get Pau Gasol, Brandon Bass and Derek Fisher. Who says no?

Master of the trade machine you are not. Every team not named Boston says no, Bill. Just like every other fake trade you create.

As for Whitlock, his columns are lazy and race-baiting under the guise of thought-provoking. No, you’re not controversial and when you get called out for a lame Tweet (see: Lin, Jeremy) you milk it for all its worth to keep your own name in the headlines. Go away until you actually report something. Hack.

2.) LeBron James can’t close
It will matter, when it matters. An All-star game or game 57 in the regular season doesn’t matter. Talk to me in June, Adrian Wojnarowski.

1). Jeremy Lin anything
According to Deadspin, 45% of SportsCenter’s NBA coverage last week involved the Knicks. Good luck avoiding that.

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