Tyson Chandler to the Knicks…But Why?

Explain this to me like I’m an idiot. You are the New York Knicks, coached by Mike D’Antoni, the mastermind behind the Seven Second or Less offense. Granted, a team run by Chauncey Billups will slightly slow down a fast break to possibly 10-13 seconds or Less, but still. The point is…in a D’Antoni offense you need a point guard!

The Knicks are on the verge of acquiring Tyson Chandler. ESPN.com is reporting that it is 98% sure that Chandler ends up on the Knicks. Financially, this would force the Knicks to either sign and trade or straight up amnesty Billups, who is scheduled to make $14.2 million on the final year of his deal.

Why Knicks Why?

The Knicks are hoping that the acquisition of Tyson Chandler will be enough to eventually sign Chris Paul in the summer of 2012. Okay…what about 2011? Is Toney Douglas a starting point guard in this league? Will Jamaal Tinsely or T.J. Ford?

Thinking ahead here…are the Knicks crafty enough to include Amare in trade scenarios involving CP3 before this season?? The Knicks may have to take additional salary off the Hornets hands (Ariza 3yrs, $21.8mil)/Okafor 3yrs $40 mil). Maybe the Knicks braintrust are thinking two or three moves ahead for this season? I doubt they are that bright.

According to John Hollinger, if the Knicks straight up sign Chandler, the best they can hope for is signing Steve Nash with the MLE next year.

Either way. I’m floored by the last two hours. If this is what we have in store in the abbreviated free agency period. Sign me up.

Today’s signings:

  • Shane Battier to the Heat
  • Greg Oden staying with Portland
  • Tayshaun Prince inking a 4-year $27 mil deal to stay with the Pistons
  • Eddy Curry to the Heat

Fun Fact of the day:

  • Greg Oden has earned $24,968 PER POINT in his NBA career

5 responses to “Tyson Chandler to the Knicks…But Why?

  1. Mike Miller is gone… Battier is an upgrade there.

    Chandler isn’t a bad signing… either way knicks weren’t going far without it this year and sets them up nicely. Agree hes not your D’Antoni guy but its not like D’Antoni ever made the jump from playoff contender to champion

  2. To clarify the Chandler comment, NBA is basically a 1 on 1 offense and you can hide someone on offense to an extent. You have two guys in Amare and Melo who can give you most of your offense. If they can swing the salary cap figures (not sure if this is possible) to get Paul next year that fits right into that and you get a great interior defender in chandler. They add a SG who can guard and shoot the occasional three act like Bell did for the suns (prior to getting paid) and thats an impressive starting lineup. Not alot of room for bench options (big issue considering fragility of amare)

  3. I don’t see how the Knicks get Paul after signing Chandler. I think that’s what irks me the most. If the Knicks stayed patient, they could have signed him in the summer when Billups’ contract expires. (He wanted to go to NYC!) The gamble would have been waiting and hoping Paul doesn’t extend with whatever team lands him this year. I was kind of hoping the Knicks would just stay the course for one more year. But they got itchy trigger fingers. This signing does not make them a championship contender and it all but closes the door on CP3. Hollinger said they could possibly land Nash next year using the Mid-level Exception.

    I think Tyson Chandler was a perfect fit for the Mavs. He was surrounded by hungry veterans, a hall of fame point guard, perimeter shooters and a superstar. All he had to do was rebound, block shots and catch an occasional alley-oop.

    On the Knicks, he will definitely improve their defense, but who’s running that team? You think it’s a 1-on-1 league. I think it’s a point guard driven league. New York is going to rely heavily on Landry Fields, Toney Douglas and Iman Shumpert.

  4. Yeah they certainly will need a PG if Paul isn’t an option for them. That defense would be brutally awful with Nash. I feel like they’d be better off going back after Felton. Maybe they anticipate a PG becoming available through amnesty or moving billups.

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