Report: Players Unlikely to Accept Deal

The players are unlikely to accept David Stern and the NBA’s latest offer, according to’s Ric Bucher. According to the report, the players were quite unhappy after diving into the details of the proposal. Among those details that the players were likely to dismiss include: via Bucher

  • The D-League Clause – This would give teams more power to send players with five years or less experience down to the D-League with drastically reduced pay.
  • Luxury Tax Deals – Teams above the luxury tax would be prohibited from sign and trade deals after two-year phase in period. Non luxury tax teams would also be prohibited from signing a player with the MLE if causes that team to then go over the cap.
  • Drug testing – The NBA also proposed offseason drug testing and raising the age limit to 20 years of age.
Financially, the newly proposed and adjusted deal ultimately disappointed the players, according to Bucher. 
We wait and see. Perhaps the players will have a change of heart over the weekend.

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