Possibility of 72 Game Season, Stern Says

After adjusting last night’s proposal, David Stern suggested the NBA would play a 72-game season beginning December 15, should the union accept their latest and most likely best offer. The playoffs and NBA finals would likely each be pushed back a week, according to Adam Silver

If the players reject the new offer, Stern’s proposal will revert back to the 47% BRI.

“If we don’t get a positive response, the revised offer starting at 47% and flex cap will be our revised position,” Stern was quoted as saying in tonight’s press conference.
Player representatives will meet early next week to read over the proposal.

“We have made our revised proposal and we’re not planning on making another one,” Stern said.

My take: This is great PR by NBA and Stern. He not only gave the public a timeline and a roadmap to a 72 game season, but he makes the players look like dicks if they don’t sign their proposal.

More to come…

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